Cucumber is a very tasty fruit that is also used in salads and is considered as a four-season fruit. This type of fruit has low calories, it contains a lot of water and high soluble fiber and prevents dehydration, especially in the hot seasons. This wet and cold fruit is rich in various nutrients that are useful in the treatment and prevention of some diseases. All high-quality cucumbers of this company are produced in a completely organic, hygienic and sanitary way.

Greenhouse cucumbers

These types of high-quality cucumbers are not bitter duo to their production in greenhouses.

Tree cucumbers

These types of thick and short tree cucumbers have light green color. They are fleshy, full of water and fragrant.

Bush cucumbers

Bush cucumbers are very tasty, and fragrant. they are uniform and shorter compared to other cucumbers with grooves on them, which are known as house cucumbers and salads.

Bush pickle cucumbers

This type of cucumber is used in the preparation of various pickles with a crispy and spongy texture. Bush pickle cucumber is very useful for skin care, cardiovascular health, helping digestion and losing weight.

Serpent cucumber

Serpent Cucumber peel is light, grooved and uneven and has a long and narrow appearance. This cucumber is usually cultivated in summer which is used to reduce blood sugar and blood pressure, reduce sciatica, treat gout, etc.