Apple is a very useful fruit and is rich in vitamins and minerals. All apples of Mehr Apple Company which are produced organically on farms with high quality are fresh and fragrant. The nutritional value of all apples is the same, but they differ in therapeutic properties.

Granny smith apple (Green apple)

This apple is green and tastes sour. Consuming Granny smith apple is very useful for strengthening the immune system, regulating blood cholesterol, and increasing metabolism.

Golden delicious apple (Yellow apple)

These apples are yellow and their skin is thinner and softer than other apples. Its texture is firm and very sweet, fragrant and juicy, it stays fresh and white for a long time after cutting.

Red delicious apple (Red apple)

The appearance of red apple is conical and red. This sweet type of apple is very crunchy and can be stored for 3 to 6 months. Red delicious apple has high anti-cancer properties due to its vitamins and antioxidant pigments in its red peel, it is recommended to be consumed with the skin.

Pippin apple

This medium size, sweet, juicy apple has an aromatic smell and is very desirable. The fiber in pippin apple helps improve the digestive system.